Process and Structure of Adult Cardiovascular Surgery Care in Japan

iGraduate School of Medicine* and Faculty of Medicine**, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, and Koshigaya Hospital, Dokkyo Medical University***, Koshigaya, Japanj

Hiroaki Miyata* Noboru Motomura*,** Hiroyuki Tsukihara*
Yoshihito Irie*** Shinichi Takamoto** JACVSD Organization
In Japan, few surveys have evaluated the structure and clinical process of cardiovascular surgery programs. We mailed a questionnaire to all 149 facilities participating in the Japan Adult Cardiovascular Database as of April 1st 2007. We received responses from 129 facilitiesiresponse rate 86.6%). For CABG surgery, many facilities regard gIMA usei95.3%jh and goff-pump surgeryh is the first choice as a facility and recommend gdischarge antiplateletsi89.9%jh and gdischarge antilipidi47.3%jh. On the other hand most facilities did not made any recommendation regarding gpreoperative beta blockersi72.9%jh and gdischarge beta blockersi60.5%jh. The usage rates of preoperative beta blockers and discharge beta blockers were very low in Japan though their usage rates were relatively high in the United States.
  Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 38:184-192i2009j