Newly-Devised Technique of Senning Atrial Switch in Double Switch Operation

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Chiba Childrenfs Hospital, Chiba, Japan and present address: Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Tokyo Wemenfs Medical University*, Tokyo, Japan)

Kota Agematsu Mitsuru Aoki
Yuji Naito and Tadashi Fujiwara
We performed a double switch operation for the patients with corrected congenital transposition of the great arteries concomitant with intra-cardiac abnormalities including dextrocardia, non-confluent pulmonary artery and Ebsteinfs malformation between April 2003 and August 2006. The mean age and weight at the time of surgery were 38 months (range 2-89 months) and 10.7kg (range 4.6-16.1kg), respectively. Before the double switch operation, one patient had received a right modified BT shunt as a neonate and another had received bilateral modified BT shunts at the age of one month and 2 months respectively, followed by a central pulmonary artery angioplasty with installation of a right ventricle to a pulmonary artery shunt at the age of 5 years. For definitive repair, the Senning{Rastelli procedure was performed in two patients and Senning{Jatene procedure was performed in one patient. Mitral valve-and tricuspid valve plasties were performed, the atrialized right ventricle was plicated in the patient with Ebsteinfs malformation during the double switch operation. A Senning procedure was performed in patients with apicocaval juxtapositions. We reconstructed the systemic venous chamber with a dog-ear-like structure made from suture line pouches at the site of upper and lower portions of the atrial free wall, and the pulmonary venous chamber was completed, without augmentation with additional material. The mean surgery, cardiopulmonary bypass-and aortic cross clamp times were 606, 318 and 151 min, respectively. Postoperative CT scans showed smooth systemic venous returns and no pulmonary vein obstruction. No arrhythmias of any kind were detected after the double switch operation. These results suggest the suture line pouch technique in the atrial switch operation is useful in the double switch operation.
  Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 37: 377-380 (2008)