A Case of Femoro-Iliac Cross-Over Vein Bypass with a Ringed ePTFE Graft for Common Iliac Venous Thrombosis

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Tachikawa General Hospital, Nagaoka, Japan)

Yasunori Iida Kazuo Yamamoto Takehito Mishima
Akifumi Uehara Kenji Sakakibara Tsutomu Sugimoto
Shinpei Yoshii Shigetaka Kasuya
A 71-year-old man had sudden onset of left lower limb swelling and consulted an orthopedic surgeon 14 days later. Venous echography demonstrated compression of the left iliac vein and the thrombus of the common iliac vein. After emergency admission, conservative therapy was given for 7 days, but the symptoms did not sufficiently diminish and a thrombus was also present. We therefore performed femoro-iliac cross-over vein bypass using a 10mm ringed ePTFE graft. Symptoms were completely improved and the graft was shown to be patent by echography after 3 months.
@Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 37:177-180 (2008)