A Case of Infected Brachiocephalic Pseudoaneurysm with Fistulation to the Skin 11 Years after Radical Mastectomy and Irradiation for Right Breast Cancer

(First Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Kagawa University, Kagawa, Japan)

Yuichiro Yokoyama Takeo Suzuki Yoichi Yamashita
Hajime Maeta
A 57-year-old woman was admitted with intermittent bleeding and pus discharge from her right anterior chest. She had undergone radical mastectomy (Halsted operation) and irradiation for breast cancer 11 years previously. Skin ulcer with a bleeding fistula had appeared at the right clavicular region 6 months previously. An emergency operation was performed, since angiography revealed brachiocephalic pseudoaneurysm with fistulation to the skin. The brachiocephalic artery was exposed through a right cervical and middle sternal incision. The brachiocephalic artery was interposed with two segments of the great saphenous vein joined to make a proper graft in size. The infected area was filled by the greater omentum. A pedicle flap was used to close the large skin defect after removing the fistula. The postoperative course was uneventful and infection improved soon after the operation. The patient was discharged about one month after the operation. We reported a rare case of infected brachiocephalic pseudoaneurysm with fistulation to the skin after radical mastectomy and irradiation for breast cancer.
@Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 34: 413-417 (2005)