A Case of Persistent Ductus Arteriosus in an Elderly Patient after Artificial Right Pneumothorax

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Shiga National Hospital, Yokaichi, Japan)

Satoru Okumura Jun Okawara Yoshinobu Maeda
The patient was a 75-year-old woman, who had been treated for tuberculosis by artificial right pneumothorax at the age of 25. Although a cardiac murmur had been pointed out in her infancy, no treatment had been recommended because she had no symptoms. Effort dyspnea augmented along with her aging by degrees. She began to need oxygen therapy at the age of 75. She had her calcified ductus arteriosus. The systemic to pulmonary blood flow ratio (Qp/Qs) was 1.89. We diagnosed that pulmonary dysfunction after artificial right pneumothorax and pulmonary hypertension caused by persistent ductus arteriosus were the cause of her symptoms. After median sternotomy we closed the persistent ductus arteriosus using a patch through the pulmonary artery under cardiopulmonary bypass. Although she needed respiratory management with a ventilator for 2 days and oxygen therapy for 4 weeks, she has been doing well afterwards. We think that we should close persistent ductus arteriosus even in the elderly.
@Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 32: 314 -317 (2003)