A Case of Primary Angiosarcoma of the Heart

(Department of Thoracic Surgery, Yokohama City Municipal Hospital, Yokohama, Japan)

Masahiko Okamoto Hideshi Kurata Kouichirou Date
We report a case of angiosarcoma of the right atrium manifesting as cardiac tamponade. The patient was a 34-year-old woman. Echocardiography, CT scans, MRI and coronary angiography revealed a tumor arising in the right atrium. Radical excision of the tumor with cardiopulmonary bypass was performed. The resected tumor measured 5~6~3 cm, and microscopic examination revealed angiosarcoma. Adjunctive radiation therapy was performed and she had high quality of her life for more than 2 years. However, she died of hemorrhage caused by liver metastasis of the tumor on the 29th postoperative month.
@Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 32F155 -157 (2003)