Tuberculous Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm―A Case Report―

Mitsuhiro Yano Kunihide Nakamura
Masakazu Matsuyama Eisaku Nakamura
Hiroyuki Nagahama Toshio Onitsuka
Kazuki Nabeshima

(Department of SurgeryII, Miyazaki Medical College, Miyazaki, Japan and Department of Pathology, Miyazaki Medical College Hospital*, Miyazaki, Japan)

A 52-year-old woman who had been treated for miliary pulmonary tuber culosis complained of left flank pain. Abdominal aortic angiography revealed a saccular type aneurysm in the supra-renal abdominal aorta. We resected the aneurysm and reconstructed the aorta by arificial graft patch under partial extracorporeal circulation. The left renal artery was reconstructed by an artificial graft. During the operation, the superior mesenteric artery and the bilateral renal arteries were perfused by blood from the extracorporeal circuit. On pathological examination, it was shown that the aneurysm was caused by tuberculosis.
 Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 31:55-57(2002)