Off-pump CABG and Right Axillo-bifemoral Artery Bypass in a Patient with Totally Calcified Ascending Aorta and Leriche's Syndrome

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Fukushima Medical University, School of Medicine, Fukushima, Japan)

Koji Ogata Koji Tsuchiya Hideki Ozawa
Hideki Sasaki Narutoshi Hibino
A 40-year-old man was admitted because of coronary heart disease with a totally calcified ascending aorta and Leriche's syndrome. Establishing a cardiopulmonary bypass seemed to be difficult because neither the ascending aorta nor femoral artery was suitable as a cannulation site. It was not until a prosthetic conduit for revascularization of the lower extremities was anastomosed to the right axillary artery in preparation for the conversion from off-pump to on-pump that off-pump CABG was performed. Subsequently revascularization of the lower extremities was completed. The patient had a satisfactory postoperative course. Off-pump CABG is useful for patients with a severely calcified ascending aorta and occlusive lesions below the descending aorta.
@Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 30: 327-330 (2001)