A Surgical Case of Aortic Arch Aneurysm Which Developed Five Years after CABG

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, National Obihiro Hospital, Obi-hiro, Japan and 1st Department of Surgery, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine*, Hamamatsu, Japan)

Taku Sakurada Yoichi Kikuchi Junichi Koizumi
Takayasu Suzuki* Tomoyasu Hirano Katsuyuki Kusajima
We report a successful case of graft replacement for ascending and aortic arch aneurysm which developed 5years after CABG. A75-year-old woman, who underwent emergency CABG (LITA-LAD, SVG-RCA) 5years previously, was admitted to our hospital due to an abnormal shadow on chest roentogenogram. Aortogram and coronary angiogram revealed ascending and aortic arch aneurysm and patent LITA and SVG. Graft replacement of the ascending and total aortic arch was carried out using four branched grafts (Gelweave26/10/8/88). Cardiopulmonary bypass was established with right axillary arterial perfusion and bicaval cannulation. Cardiac arrest was obtained with cold blood cardioplegia using both retrograde and antegrade techniques. Selective cerebral perfusion was used for brain protection. The patient was discharged without any complication on the 27th postoperative day.
@Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 29: 290-292 (2000)