A Case of Successful Treatment of Prosthetic Graft Infection Caused by Bacteroides fragilis

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, National Cardiovascular Center, Osaka, Japan)

Yuji Hanafusa Yutaka Okita Motomi Ando
Kenji Minatoya Osamu Tagusari Soichiro Kitamura
A 73-year-old man who had undergone Y-grafting suffered from septicemia. A culture of arterial blood yielded Bacteroides fragilis. Computed tomography showed abscess and gas around the prosthetic graft. Under a diagnosis of a prosthetic graft infection caused by Bacteroides fragilis, removal of the infected graft, extra-anatomic bypass and omental grafting were performed 13 days after the first operation. After intensive treatment, he recovered and was discharged on the 45th day postoperatively.
@Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 29: 172-174 (2000)