Message from President

Please submit your abstract at the same time as you register for the congress.
Please pay the congress fee at the congress venue on the day, in Japanese yen.

Deadline for submissions: to arrive by May 17, 2006

Notification of receipt:

Notification of completed registration will be sent by email. If you do not receive any communication within two weeks of submitting your registration, please contact the Congress Secretariat by email.

Notification of acceptance/rejection:

Notification of acceptance or rejection of submissions will be sent by email around July 2006.


Abstracts must be in Japanese or English. These will also be the languages used during the congress.

Criteria for submissions:

  1. Must be original work.
  2. Content may not have been reported elsewhere.
  3. If accepted, consent must be given for publication in the Journal of the Japan Society of Coloproctology.
  4. Presentation materials must conform to slide specifications.

    How to register:

    Click on the button below to download the registration form, and use one of the following methods to register.

    1. If you download the PDF version, send the following materials by post:

      (a) Completed or typed abstract form
      (b) Two copies of the completed abstract form
      (c) A floppy disk containing necessary information (abstract text, etc.)

    2. .If you download the Word version, type the necessary information directly into this file, and send it to the Congress Secretariat as an email attachment. In addition, you must fax a printout of this attachment file to the Congress Secretariat.

The following must be strictly adhered to when preparing abstracts:
Use only 9 pt Times (or Times New Roman) font.
Save your data in two different file formats, and send it as two separate email attachments, one in each format. Use one of the following combinations of formats.
(a) Word format (.doc) and HTML format
(b) Word format (.doc) and PDF format.

How to fill in the form:

  1. Check the sections for which you wish to register. When sending data on a floppy disk, enter the titles of the sections.
  2. Enter the title, organization, name of presenter, co-researchers, and abstract text in this order within the confines of the box. Use 9 pt Times (or Times New Roman) font.
    Abstracts that do not meet these specifications will not be accepted.


Use a title that concisely summarizes the abstract content Organization:
Indicate multiple organizations with numbers as shown in the sample.
Presenter: Enter the presenter's full name at the beginning.
Following this, enter the full names of all co-researchers.
If different organizations are involved, indicate the number of the organization to which each person belongs to the right of their names, as shown in the sample.

Abstract text:
Ensure that the text remains strictly within the outlines of the box.
Divide the content into four sections:
Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. Do not include any figures or tables in the text.

Other points:

You must be absolutely sure to register for the conference at the same time as you submit your presentation.
If you do not receive any communication within two weeks of submitting your abstract, please contact the Congress Secretariat by email to confirm its receipt.

Congress Secretariat

The 61st Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Coloproctology Secretariat
First Department of Internal Medicine, Hirosaki University School of Medicine
5 Zaifu-cho, Hirosaki-city, Aomori-prefecture, 036-8562, Japan
Tel: +81-172-39-5053 / Fax: +81-172-37-5946
E-mail: jsc2006@cc.hirosaki-u.ac.jp


Submission Form (Word Document File)
Submission Form (PDF File)

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