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Identification of communication skills that improve patient safety culture: analysis of a communication skills training program for university hospital staff

Shin-Ichi Izumi, MD, PhD, Yoshihito Furusawa, MD, PhD, Musashi Bansho, MS, Itsushi Tonomura, BS
Jpn J Compr Rehabil Sci 8: 88-97, 2017

Purpose: To elucidate the relationship between patient safety culture and communication skills (CS).
Methods: A CS training program based on coaching theory was conducted at a university hospital, and the relationship between the improvement of patient safety culture and the improvement of CS before and after training was analyzed. The trainees were 57 fulltime staff members of the hospital. Each trainee selected around five close coworkers (collaborators; a total of 285). For seven months, the trainees received class lessons via an audio conference system, and at the same time conducted coaching interviews with their collaborators. The collaborators assessed the traineesf CS and patient safety culture using questionnaires before and after training.
Results: Excluding missing data, 259 subjects were analyzed. The patient safety culture improved group showed a higher degree of improvement in CS regarding gsuggestions/requestsh compared to the non-improved group. Furthermore, improvement of the gsuggestions/requestsh skill was related to the improvement of patient safety culture regarding gsupervisor/manager expectations and actions in promoting safetyh and gnon-punitive response to errors.h
Conclusion: The present results suggest that improvement in gsuggestions/requestsh skill may be associated with improvement in patient safety culture.

Key words: patient safety, coaching, organizational development, university hospital, multidisciplinary team care

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