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Factors influencing the planning of home-based rehabilitation services by care managers

Takako Itsukaichi, RPT, MSc, Yoshimi Suzukamo, PhD, Shin-Ichi Izumi, MD, PhD
Jpn J Compr Rehabil Sci 4: 39-46, 2013

Purpose: To describe the planning of home-based rehabilitation (HBR) by care managers and to show the relationship between the knowledge/understanding of the care managers regarding HBR and their planning experience regarding these services.
Methods: Five hundred certified care managers in the Miyagi Care Manager Association completed a questionnaire that included queries on the participantsf knowledge/understanding of HBR and on their experiences in selecting HBR in their care plans. Factors affecting selection of HBR were explored with the chi-square test, followed by logistic regression analysis.
Results: Among 113 care managers who are currently engaged in home-based care, 78 (69%) have experience with HBR. The planning of HBR was affected by the availability of facilities that offer HBR and the knowledge/understanding of care managers.
Conclusion: The knowledge/understanding of HBR by the care manager is important to provide the HBR service.

Key words: long-term care, care manager, home-based rehabilitation

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