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Inter-rater and intra-subject reliability for the evaluation of swallowing kinematics using 320-row area detector computed tomography

Yoko Inamoto SLHT, MSc, Hitoshi Kagaya MD, DMSc, Eiichi Saitoh MD, DMSc, Daisuke Kanamori DDS, DMSc, Seiko Shibata MD, DMSc, Naoko Fujii MD, DMSc, Kazuhiro Katada MD, DMSc, Jeffrey B. Palmer, MD
Jpn J Compr Rehabil Sci 3: 59-65, 2012

Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine the inter-rater reliability and intra-subject reproducibility of 320-row area detector computed tomography (320-ADCT) for the evaluation of swallowing kinematics.
Methods: Eleven healthy volunteers were each instructed to sit on a reclining chair set at a 45‹ angle, hold a 10-ml portion of honey-thick liquid in the mouth, and swallow it when cued by the examiner. Scanning was performed for 3.15 s using a 320-ADCT device. Images were reconstructed at an interval of 0.1 s. Two raters measured the timing of each swallowing event, and inter-class correlation coeffi cient (ICC) analysis was performed to examine the inter-rater reliability. One week later, the same trial was repeated for each volunteer, and the ICC was obtained to analyze the intra-subject reproducibility.
Results: Average inter-rater ICC was 0.98, showing ealmost perfectf concordance. There were no differences among measured items and volunteers. Average intra-subject ICC was 0.75, indicating emoderatef concordance of swallowing kinematics between two swallows.
Conclusion: Given the high inter-rater reliability and intra-subject reproducibility, 320-ADCT is a reliable tool for swallowing evaluation.

Key words: 320-ADCT, inter-rater reliability, intra-subject reproducibility, swallowing evaluation

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