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Physical properties of pressurized and heat-treated meat gels and their suitability as dysphagia diet based on swallowing dynamics

Ai Tokifuji, RD, M NS, Yasuyuki Matsushima, MD, PhD, Kenji Hachisuka , MD, PhD, Keiko Yoshioka, PhD
Jpn J Compr Rehabil Sci 3: 18-25, 2012

Objective: We evaluated the suitability of pressurized and heat-treated meat gels as a dysphagia diet by studying the swallowing dynamics in dysphagic patients.
Methods: Minced pork mixed with water at a ratio of 1:0.5 or 1:1 was pressurized at 400 MPa for 20 min using a food pressure testing machine and steamed to 80oC. Two types of pressurized and heat-treated (PH) gel samples were prepared: 1:1 PH gel and 1:05 PH gel. Heated patty and heated paste samples were also prepared from minced pork. Textural measurements, sensory evaluation and videofl uoroscopic examination of swallowing (VF) were conducted on these samples.
Results: Textural measurements showed that the PH gels were softer compared to the heated patty, and lower in adhesiveness than the heated paste. In the sensory test, PH gels were evaluated to be more elastic and easier to swallow, with no residue remaining in the oral cavity. In VF conducted in dysphagic patients, the numbers of mastication and gulps for the 1:1 PH gel were 14.6 and 3.1, respectively; and the transit time through the oropharynx was 12.33 sec, which was shorter than those for the 1:0.5 PH gel and the heated patty.
Conclusion: The 1:1 PH gel was easy to form a bolus and smooth to swallow. The present results suggest that this gel may be suitable for consumption by dysphagic patients.

Key words: pressurized and heated meat gel, physical property, dysphagia diet, dysphagic patients, videofl uoroscopic examination of swallowing

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